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The braces diet

Braces are designed to fit into your lifestyle, not put it on hold. While wearing braces or Invisalign aligner won’t require you to make too many changes to your daily routine, there are a few minor adjustments we recommend you make to your diet, just to ensure you get the best results from your treatment. 

Food to eat with braces

One of the most common questions patients ask our orthodontists is, what can they eat while wearing braces. The answer is, almost anything that you usually would. The healthier the food the better, not just for your teeth but also your overall well-being. 

At times during your treatment, usually after your appliance has been adjusted for the next phase of treatment, you will notice your teeth are a little tender for a few days. During this time, you may want to opt for softer meals. Here are a few ideas: 

  • Smoothies (without berries as the seeds can get stuck in your teeth)
  • Macaroni cheese
  • Scrambled eggs or omelettes
  • Mashed potato or sweet potato with gravy. Cauliflower mash is a nice alternative too.
  • Fruit and vegetables – chop any hard ones up into small pieces or grate them.
  • Overnight oats or porridge 

Foods to avoid with braces

Hard, chewy and sticky foods, including chewing gum, must be avoided when you’re having orthodontic treatment as these have the potential to damage the brackets and wires, thus affecting your treatment. 

You should also avoid highly acidic and sugary food and drink as this can contribute to plaque build-up and affect the condition of your teeth. If you’re craving your favourite boiled sweets, try these options as an alternative: 

  • Yoghurt
  • Soft biscuits (or soften them by dunking them in milk)
  • Grapes
  • Pancakes and waffles 

Keep your teeth clean

Whether you’re dining out or eating in, the most important part of eating with braces on is enjoying every meal. There will always be an option or an alternative you can enjoy, even with braces. Just be sure to clean your teeth after every meal and snack. See our top tips for a healthy oral hygiene routine.

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