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Looking after your braces

Deciding to proceed with orthodontic treatment is a big decision to make and a big investment. So you want the results to be worth all the effort! To ensure you get the best results from your braces, it’s important to look after them during treatment. 

Here some top tips for looking after your braces so they can do the job you want them to do. 

Top tips for brace care

  1. Choose your toothbrush carefully: Your teeth can be a little sensitive when you’re wearing braces so treat them to a nice soft toothbrush. This will also make it easy to brush in all the hard to reach places where food might become stuck. Be sure to use your toothbrush after every meal to dislodge any food and ensure plaque doesn’t build up.
  2. Establish a regular teeth brushing routine: To maintain good oral hygiene, whether you’re wearing braces or not, it’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day. This becomes even more important when wearing braces. Be sure to add flossing to your teeth cleaning routine too. Plaque and bacteria can quickly build up if food gets caught in your braces.
  3. Rinse with mouthwash: Every time you clean your teeth, rinse with a fluoride mouthwash. Not only will this help keep bacteria at bay, it will also help to strengthen your teeth and ensure good gum health.
  4. Use disclosing tablets: The one thing you want to make sure doesn’t happen while wearing braces is that you experience a build-up of plaque. Chewable disclosing tablets can help you identify where areas of plaque may be forming. As you chew the tablets, a pink colour is released which stains any plaque. Once you see where these pink patches are, give them a good brush and floss to remove the plaque and help to keep your teeth in good health.
  5. Eat a well-balanced diet: There aren’t too many foods you can’t eat while wearing braces, but your teeth will appreciate a well-balanced diet, full of healthy fruits and vegetables and a limited intake of sugar. Not only is a well-balanced diet good for your teeth it’s good for your overall well-being too. 

To find out more about living a healthy lifestyle with braces, check out our eating with braces page.

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