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The Invisible Orthodontist

Who are we?

The Invisible Orthodontist (TIO) is a network of specialist orthodontists throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. We are dedicated to treating patients using invisible techniques including Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment which uses clear plastic aligners that are virtually invisible, to move teeth into position.

The orthodontic community has been slow to embrace Invisalign as a legitimate treatment option, meaning that many orthodontists are reluctant to treat anything but the most basic of cases with Invisalign. The Invisible Orthodontist group believes that not only is Invisalign a viable treatment option in the majority of cases; in many instances it is actually preferable to traditional metal braces.

TIO members work together to advance the use of invisible orthodontic techniques. We have an online study club, hold regular collaborative meetings where we discuss complex cases as a group, and hold a private clinical retreat each year. The result is that our members are able to treat a broader range of cases with more confidence.

The orthodontic difference

If you are considering orthodontic treatment, it’s important you understand the difference between a dentist and an orthodontist.

Your general dentist who you should see on a regular basis (once a year is recommended) will have completed a 5-year degree in dentistry. A specialist orthodontist has completed both a 5-year dentistry degree as well as a 2-3 year master’s degree in orthodontics.

It's important to remember that in Australia, there is currently no law preventing general dentists from administering orthodontic treatment to their patients.