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Orthodontics explained – what is an orthodontist?

We should all have a family dentist who we see for regular check ups to ensure our teeth are kept in good shape. At each appointment, your dentist will look for any plaque build-up, check for cavities and assess the overall condition of your teeth. If your teeth are crooked and impacting on your oral health your dentist will likely recommend further treatment. This will be in the form of orthodontics.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses specifically on straightening teeth and ensuring your jaws are correctly aligned. Both are important to ensure your mouth functions properly when eating and chewing. If your teeth are crooked or your jaws are misaligned this can cause digestive problems (if you’re unable to chew your food properly) and oral hygiene issues, such as gingivitis (gum disease), if you’re unable to clean your teeth properly.

A person who works in orthodontics is known as an orthodontist. They have been trained to straighten teeth using orthodontic appliances such as traditional braces, made from either metal or ceramic, or discreet options such as Invisalign. They can also correctly align jaws through the application of twin block appliances or expanders.

What is the difference between an orthodontist and a dentist?

An orthodontist will have first trained as a dentist, then embarked on further postgraduate study which specialises in the field of orthodontics. This usually takes two to three years. Both orthodontists and dentists will continue to take part in regular training to ensure they keep up with developments in the orthodontic and dentistry industry.

Orthodontists who are recognised providers of Invisalign will have completed certification in this orthodontic treatment and be qualified to fit you with this appliance.